Every summer!!!

Summers finally landed
we've waited long enough
we've descended on the beaches
my goodness we look rough?

We’ve piled on the calories
been starved of vitamin D
squeezing into cozzies
to small for you or me

That pale white skin is burning,
to a funny shade of pink
we've all been starved of sun rays
and been knocking back the drink

Stampeding to the beaches
as the mercury finally rises
inhibitions disappearing
In all our shapes and sizes

We do it every year
this year's no exception
we binge bathe all day in the sun🌞
to darken our complexion

We’ll show off all our white bits
as though a badge of honour
then watch it peel and disappear
and wonder why we bother?

Kim Hicks June 2021©️

Brylcreem and Braces💙

Happy Heavenly Father’s Day ‘pops’💙

A man of few words
but as sharp as a tac
a mind full of knowledge
any topic or fact

A quiet pint In the pub
dinner was 1 pm on the dot
If you were one minute late
all niceties were dropped!
The most placid of wives
turned into psychopathic killers
that’s why men were on time
and never late for their dinners

His black and white collie
sat faithfully at his feet
the odd dropped pork scratching
for the occasional treat
On the back of his hand
a large snort of snuff
to clear out his sinuses?
one was always enough!

I think of you often
the memories and places
but what sticks in my mind
is the Brylcreem and braces
“I miss you dad
and your faithful pup ‘Jess’
Happy Heavenly Father’s Day ‘pops’
You were one of the best”

Platinum Jubilee

Marmalade sandwich?

We your servants wait in glee
to witness your platinum jubilee
we think you truly have excelled
to the point of being overwhelmed

The pomp and hype that you’ve endured
throughout the decades you’ve matured
now you’re solo without your rock
all emotions you dutifully block

Hearts in our mouths that the horses behave
loving that unmistakable royal wave
the booming 82 gun royal salute
Paddington Bear was exceptionally cute

The Mall a sea of Union Jacks
worldwide attention which always’ attracts
the national anthem traditionally played
the horses and men stood on parade

Glinting medals in the midday sun
the booming of the canons gun
trooping the colour in military red
Prince William rode and professionally led

The Queen has reigned for 70 years
God knows how she’s persevered?
constantly watched by the media and press
she surely deserves now a well earned rest

Rescue Animals

Rescue me!!🐾❤️💙

If ever you wanted
any reason to smile
and you’ve room in your life
for a four legged child

You have to rescue
a dog or a cat
your life really couldn’t
get better than that

You’ll be so rewarded
by unconditional love
loyalty and laughter
beyond and above

Appreciative licks
warmth and love felt
overwhelming cuteness
your heart will just melt

Puppies are always wanted
though grow up so fast
an older dog would love you
If just given the chance

Go to a shelter
and rescue a lost soul
you’ll find your best friend
with a heart of pure gold

The good old days

Friends were family

I remember so clearly
the neighbours in our close
that warm friendly atmosphere
it’s what I miss most

We knew everyone’s first name
It was a safe happy time
we shared so many memories
happy moments of mine

Trust was so important
the kids safe next door
your home was always open
It was a different time before

You joined together in happiness
consoled each other in grief
went on big family holidays
it was normal in our street

Loved the security of closeness
when family and neighbours were one
It would’ve been so lovely
to pass to daughters and sons

We had so much interaction
genuine salts of the earth
we didn’t realise it at the time
what friendship is worth

Yes, we had some ‘wrong uns’
who just didn’t fit the bill
but there’s one in every family
that black sheep on the hill

The kettle was always boiling
for a friendly catch-up chat
nothing remotely vindictive
only about this and that

I get out the old biscuit tin
with photos from decades ago
those memories come flooding back
from a time i used to know…

That Dentist Appointment 😳

Go to the dentist!!

Well, I’ve put it off now long enough
It’s time to bite the bullet
It’s now up to the jawsmith
to fill it in or pull it?

It started with a twinge
then cranked up to an ache
so now I’m in the dentist chair
with goggles on and cape

I involuntarily stiffen up
with more spit than I can swallow
will I have any teeth, when they’ve finished with me?
will I be in work tomorrow?

I try to think of calm things
and try and remember to breathe
It’s the same thing every 6 months
to clean and repair my teeth

My gums are now receding
my teeth more cream than white
I may invest in some whitener
so I glow in the dark at night 😁

Holding the chair so tightly
like a scary white knuckle ride
dribbling like a baby
from a mouth incredibly wide

I must keep up my appointments
put aside any fear or caution
as I have these reoccurring nightmares
that I’ve morphed into Les Dawson?

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