Autumn (The Fall)

It’s that time of year
when leaves are turning
those foggy old nights
and bonfires burning 🔥

It’s time for natures,
well earned rest
It’s the time of year
which I love best

Wrap up warm
on those blustery walks
It’s a time to reflect,
your dreams and thoughts.

The flowers and trees
take a well earned break
hibernating animals
the birds migrate

I see the beauty
Of golds and bronze
the fast running rivers
majestic swans 🦢

A mist hanging over
a dewy drenched field
then out comes the sun ☀️
and all is revealed

Impressive cobwebs 🕸
so beautifully made
one of life’s wonders
still never explained

If you look beyond,
the gloomy grey skies
beauty surrounds us…
Just open your eyes

Kim Hicks September 21©️

The beauty of nature

St. Giles Fair ‘70’s’ style

Hope it doesn’t rain?

How we looked forward
when it was time for the fair
It came in September
a slight ‘nip’ in the air

We watched the weather
and prayed for no rain
the excitement and fun
was always the same

The waltzers, the rota
the wall of death
These were the rides
which caught our breath

Playing ‘The liquidator’
and The ‘Double Barrel’
whilst walking around
with a toffee apple

Strolling round
at a leisurely pace
There was always a neighbour
or familiar face

The lads on the waltzers
with roguish good looks
Spun us round faster
behind us they stood

It was busier at night
for the serious thrill seekers
music cranked up
from those massive loud speakers

There’s the hoopla stall
Or a coconut shy
If you win you take home
a HUGE ‘tweety pie’

Something I thought was
really quite strange
to win a goldfish
on the shooting range?

One thing however
has not changed at all
You need shed loads of cash
for those rides and stalls

Will I go this year?
maybe - though not staying late
I’ll meet you at the Helter skelter
in our usual place

There’s always Slimming World!!


Okay - so in lockdown
we’ve piled on some weight
been bingeing on junk food
and filled up our plate

We’ve ate what we wanted
on a holiday existence
trips to the fridge 🐽
apparently… very consistent?🤷‍♀️

We’re slowly coming back
Into a world ‘nearly normal’
where leisure clothes are replaced,
by something more formal

That’s when it hits you 🥊
You’ve piled on those pounds
scoffing away
With our head in the clouds ☁️

‘Don’t worry - I’ll sort it!’
there’s plenty of time!
as I kept eating junk food
and necking the wine 🍷

I sat and thought deeply 🤔
then the penny just dropped 💡
Of course!! there’s Slimming World!
I nearly forgot!

Candy Floss Moments

Fun times 😍

We don’t need to be married
to have a really good time
Places to go and things to see
me with my partner in crime

We go way back - donkeys years
sometimes we don’t even speak
We can go for ages without contact
Then meet up 3 times in a week!

We grew up in humble beginnings
Share a wicked sense of humour
what you see is what you get
no need to dust or hoover!

We now have time for anything
whatever we pick or choose
We can go to a market or local pub
Or sit in a chair and snooze 💤

Today we’ve picked the funfair🎡
to try some scary 😧 rides!
It was exhilarating and so much fun
With tears rolling from our eyes 🤣

Afterwards we caught our breath
stomach still tied up in knots
we found a quite tranquil spot
to laugh and eat candy floss

It’s the little things 💕

Kim hicks August 2021©️

Picture by Ing Look

We’re Back!!!

We’re definitely NOT ready
to go over that hill
with distant thoughts and memories,
only time left to kill

We’re not just sat knitting
or, baking cakes
hoovering and dusting
and washing up plates

We’ve still got that spark
and a soul full of fire 🔥
We’re just not ready
To ‘clock out’ and retire

When we hear our song
Inhibitions disappear
We go right back in time
rolling back all those Years

The sound of the sixties
Or, a catchy tune
We’re Swaying those hips
in the living room!

We forget about it all
there’s no aches and pains
Adrenaline still pumping
excitement through our veins

We get a bit ‘giddy’
but having soooo much fun 🤩
turn up that music 🎵
we’re definitely not yet done!!

Kim Hicks August 2021©️

Picture by Ing Look Fodelsedagskort

Dance like no ones watching!!

Let me stay!!

Love me 🐾

I’ve watched you very closely
from the safety of my den
I wish I had the courage
to try and trust again

I’ve lived alone for many years
as a kitten was quick and brave
now I’m older - it seems much harsher
I’m not feeling quite so safe

I would love to come and say hello
and be invited in your home?
I could be your very best friend?
I know you live alone

I’m not a cute and fluffy cat 🐈
I’ve been feral for a while
but if you give me half a chance
we can make each other smile 😻

I’ve now walked up the garden path
I’m peering through your pane
I know you’ve got a big kind heart
hurry….it’s beginning to rain! 💕 😻🐾

That Silvery ole Moon 🌙

Stay safe 🥰

It’s a thing we’ve gotten into over the years
It unites us together absorbing our fears
when yours have upped and flown the nest
and you’re not there to say what’s best

Look up at the sky at that silvery old moon
whilst your still in your living room
It’s a telepathic warm kind of feeling
looking up at that star studded ceiling

Knowing they can see the same as you
whether it’s full partial or new
that old moon brings us closer together
Sliding on through whatever the weather

Sometimes it’s hidden on a cloudy night
then out it’s pops! all silvery and white
Its there every night wherever you are
a comforting glow along with the stars ⭐️

If you can see it - then we can too
Its lovely we can share the same view
if you have a moment or thoughts of home
look out for it - you’re never alone 🥰

Fun is for ALL ages!!

Come round for a cuppa ☕️
Just because we’re Grandparents
and children think we’re old
We’re just not ready for that club
We haven’t yet enrolled

There’s still a flicker of devilment 😈
A twinkle in our eyes
growing old is optional
as we’re teenagers still inside

We like a bit of excitement
a catchy little tune
We’re pretty nifty on our feet 💃
We’re written off too soon!

We might look sweet and innocent
but looks can be deceiving
we only start to come alive 💃
when everyone else is leaving!

We’re fed up of being sensible
as that is really boring
we never learn we overdo it
then regret it the next morning 🙀

Come round for a coffee? ☕️
but - only if you’re able?
We’ll eat cake have lots of laughs 🤩
we’ll picnic under the table

It’s the little thing’s………..

Kim Hicks August 2021

Pampered Puss

It’s scary in the big city!!

Living the life only in your dreams
have plenty to eat and a coat which gleams
lounging all day in the warmest place
Adoring looks on my mummy’s face

We are so clever never needed to talk
no need for an escort when we go for a walk
We act like a sweet and adoring companion
Gets us more treats my favourite is salmon

When we go out if not too wet and windy
It’s different at night in the big city
things look so scary we climb high on a wall
Just sit and observe and wait for our call

this is where we meet up with all of our friends
Some can’t come - it just depends
Sometimes meet up with a spiteful Tom
He’s from the rough side - that’s where he’s from!

Probably got kittens all over the place
With his half bitten ear and menacing face
He tries to tempt me with his masculine trait
But I’m far too superior to be his mate

He leaves us alone after being ignored
Peace and tranquillity at last restored
We watch for a while then back to my house
Not forgetting my mummy - I’ll take her a mouse 🐭

Cyber Attack – What Would We Do?

Just saying…….

Just wondering how we’d cope
in the event of a cyber attack?
If everything stopped working
and everything just went black?

We rely now on electric
It’s needed for our cars
Without it we are finished
We’d all be up in arms!

A sobering experience
no google or social media
those of us over fifty
I think would find it easier

We coped okay before
we didn’t know any better
It was a different world back then
with different kinds of pressure

No communication
couldn’t even send a text
You had to walk round to their house
If you wanted to connect

You couldn’t easily be contacted
unless you had a phone
though not for everyone
Very few had one at home

Emails were unheard of
It was just plain pen and paper
Spellcheck would’ve been fantastic
but that arrived much later

Money sent electronically
banking all done online
we queued up for hours
A very different time

Facebook is our saviour
It made our lives much better
Friend’s we’d lost for many years
It brought us back together

Amazon and Netflix
and now it’s all gone ‘streaming’
It’s gone all space-agey
and really takes some believing

I think our life is comfortable
it’s all now such a breeze
but we lived before without it
and would cope again with ease

There’s no need to go outside
no need to even budge
But is it any better?
I’ll let you all be the judge

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